Design Spotlight: The Reading Nook


Recently we were featured in publications such as the San Francisco Chronicle, ABC News, and the Washington Post, for our approach to creating cozy reading nooks at home. Today we are sharing some of our favorite tips for how and where to have your perfect nook.

The dog days of summer are fading, where lounging anywhere outdoors with a book and a glass of Rose were so simple. With the arrival of fall, busier mornings, and back-to-school chaos, it is important to maintain that downtime. We believe a well designed reading nook is not only a beautiful opportunity to add character to your home, but good for the soul.


We decorate our homes in order to enjoy them. For book lovers, adding a cozy and well-lit space dedicated to reading can be the perfect finishing touch. Most homes, of course, don't have a spare room for use as a library. We often carve out one section of a living room, sunroom or master bedroom as a dedicated reading area.

Where you put a reading space depends on your habits. I ask my clients, are you seeking a spot that's private and silent, or would you rather have an open, airy reading space to share with family members?

Drink tables next to chairs (swap Rose for Red or PSLs?), throw pillows and cozy blankets add style and comfort. Consider adding a small rolling bar cart or even a wet bar if your budget and space permit.


You'll want to build in the flexibility to have different levels of light in your reading space. I always suggest a mix of table lamps, floor lamps, and small reading lamps. Task lamps also work really well! Along with plenty of spots to plug in all this lighting, don't forget to have enough outlets for chargers if you'll be reading on a digital device.